Crow Flight by Susan Cunningham

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Crow Flight by Susan Cunningham
352 pages
4 Stars

The curious flight patterns of crows lead a teen computer programmer down a path of mystery and romance.
Gin trusts logic a little too much. She even designs programs to decide what to eat and how to spend her time. All that changes when she’s paired with a new transfer student, Felix, on a computer modeling assignment to explain certain anomalies in the behavior of crows.
As she enters Felix’s world and digs further into the data behind crow behavior, Gin uncovers a terrible secret. And the wrong decision could equal disaster squared . . .

I really enjoyed this book. The cover of the book has a Matrixy kind of vibe, which was initially what attracted me to it. I’ve always been interested in computer programming/ coding. I love that Gin, the MC, is presented as an intelligent female, who excels at computer modeling that is still a male-dominated field. Another thing I loved about this book is that the plot is so original.

She officially meets Felix in her modeling class and instantly falls for him. She discovers early in their friendship that he and his father, track and train crows as a hobby. The closer Gin gets to Felix, the more she finds out about the crows and their training. Eventually, for their final project in their modeling class, they decide they’re going to use years of data collected from the crows for their final assignment. Felix’s father, who owns one of the biggest tech companies in the area, is not happy with this and suddenly Gin and Felix’s relationship gets rocky.

At my age, I thought the romance between Gin and Felix was a bit “teenagey”, but when I was a YA, I would’ve eaten this up. The writing flowed easily and the reading wasn’t too heavy. The story also began to read as a bit of a mystery, which I really enjoyed. I found myself intrigued by the story, wanting to know what happened next.

Overall, I gave this book 4 stars for its originality, an interesting story, and the mystery aspect.

Thanks for reading!

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