#MarchMysteryMadness TBR

I would say besides fantasy and sci-fi, mystery/thriller is one of my favorite genres. If you’re interested, here is a link explaining #MarchMysteryMadness.
What I’m loving about this readathon is that the prompts are completely open to interpretation. If you can take a prompt and apply it to a book in a way that makes sense, it can count.

So the prompts are;
1. Old
2. Again
3. New
4. Borrowed
5. Blue
Optional Bonus: Read a mystery that features a wedding.

My first book choice for “Old” is Face of Deception by Iris Johansen. This book was published in 1999. 20 FRICKIN YEARS AGO! I’ve also had it on my TBR for awhile and actually started reading it, but I got distracted by other books and readathons.

My second book for “Again” is going to be Red Light by T. Jefferson Parker. I read The Blue Hour years ago, so I’m going to be starting this series AGAIN.

Third, for “New” I will be reading Verity by Colleen Hoover. This book is still fairly new, published in December 2018. I’ve been hearing really good things about it and I can borrow for free on Kindle Unlimited, so I figured it was a win/win/win.

My “Borrowed” prompt will be met by Witness by Caroline Mitchell. I’ll also be borrowing this book from Kindle Unlimited, but the premise looked very intriguing.

Conveniently, I will be reading The Blue Hour by T. Jefferson Parker for my “Blue” prompt. As I mentioned, I started this series previously, but once again, got distracted by other books.

For the bonus prompt “Features a wedding” I’ve requested The Wedding Guest by Jonathan Kellerman (fun fact, I’ve never read an Alex Delaware novel) from my local library. I’m hoping to get it before the end of the month, but I also have To Have and to Kill by Mary Jane Clark as a back-up.

Will you be participating in #MarchMysteryMadness? What are some of your favorite mysteries or thrillers?

Thanks for reading!

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